This project, including the material type experiments that have lead to the final outcomes, have been exhibited at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, in the "Elements – Experiments in Material Typography" exhibition in December 2016.
"These images represent the experimental stages of a first year BA Graphic Design project in which students explored the properties, histories and uses of a selected chemical element, and sought to create letterforms from materials connected to them. 
By researching the elements – where each of them exists in nature, how they have been exploited or synthesised by humankind, and what symbolic and cultural values they have had throughout history – the letterforms begin to capture some of the roles these fundamental ingredients have played in our ongoing development as a species."
Please also view my Instagram account for more experiments, including my One-Letter-A-Day Project which I performed in 2016.
A poster illustrating the element phosphorus, using matchsticks. The matchsticks have been laid out by hand on black paper and then photographed.
To illustrate the element calcium, I used crushed eggshells. This poster was made from the shell of eight eggs within approximately four hours.
To illustrate the element chromium I looked at the history of its name. The word chromium derives from the Greek word for colour, which I illustrated using a highly colourful background in combination with sweets.
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