Smultron Magazine – On Scandinavian Paths
BA Graphic Design Major Project. Designing, editing and art directing the production of the prototype of an indie magazine on Scandinavian culture, literature and nature.
An Exploration of Scandinavian Design and Style
BA Graphic Design Year 3 project. A thorough visual and theoretical examination of Nordic design and style.
Exhibition Graphics
Exhibition identity including poster, handouts, wall text and labels as well as digital assets.
BA Fine Art Degree Show Catalogue 2017
Degree show catalogue for this year's Fine Art graduates at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University.
The Object Brief: Paperclip
BA Graphic Design Year 2 project. Branding an object by understanding and capturing its "soul" and "tone". Brief by the renowned Cambridge design agency The District.
Penguin Book Cover Design
BA Graphic Design Year 2 project. Submission for the Penguin Student Design Award 2017, including shortlist.
BA Graphic Design Year 2 project. Branding for Desturi Safari, a brief delivered by the renowned Cambridge based design agency OneSpaceMedia.
Icon Design
BA Graphic Design Year 2 project in Information Design. Icon design for the website and a travel booking app for the family business SveVilla.
Logo Designs
A selection of commercial logo designs for a variety of clients, including ISITC Europe, BAT and Amarria.
Voluntary Work
A selection of voluntary graphic design work, including programme brochures, posters and cover artwork.
Signage and Wayfinding
BA Graphic Design Year 2 project. Reworking the signage and wayfinding system of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden as part of my Information Design Module.
Process Book
Second year BA Graphic Design process report. A designed book that contains all experiments, research and inspiration for the term's projects.
Game Design
Second year BA Graphic Design project, brief delivered by Sony, designing a companion app for a potential Sony Playstation game.
Book Jackets
Second year BA Graphic Design project, dealing with coordinated design. Creating book jackets for a series on the subject of three “-isms” that got randomly assigned in class: Confucianism, Taoism and Polytheism.
Letterpress Postcards
Second year BA Graphic Design project, producing postcards that interpret a couple from the poem "Auguries of Innocence" by William Blake in dynamic and expressive way.
Material Typography
First year BA Graphic Design project, exploring the properties, histories and uses of a selected chemical element, and creating letterforms from materials connected to them.
Typeface Design
First year BA Graphic Design project. Designing typefaces deriving from interesting letterforms found outside and in old printed materials.
Interface Design
First year BA Graphic Design project, creating a mock user interface for the avant-garde art portal
Children's Book Illustration
Two picture books, illustrated in water colour and charcoal. With stories suitable for both children (+6) and adults.
Mixed Media
Combining collage with charcoal, linocut, water colours, acrylic and ink.
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